Wine Racks For Small Spaces & Apartment Living

Looking for wine racks for small spaces?  Look no further.  We’ve got some great ideas for you!

Not only are these wine racks smaller in size, they’re moderately priced making them more affordable for the smaller spaces you have.

Additionally they not only provide storage for your wine bottles and wine glasses, they’re decorative, adding wall decor and charm to your apartment space.

Before we get started it’s always a good idea to first think about your needs. For instance, how much space so you really have?  What designs do you like and how much do you want to spend?  Things like wine rack size, design and pricing all play a significant part in your wine rack choice.

Things to consider when choosing small wine racks for small spaces, apartments or Condos. 

Wine Rack Size

What are your wine needs?  Are you merely looking for a place to store your wine, are you looking for something decorative or would you like something that does both?

I personally think that using your wine bottles as a part of your home decor is a great way to decorate, but you should consider how much wine you drink as well. For example, do you like to store wine or do you drink it as soon as you buy it?  Do you you generally shop for wine by the case or the bottle?

If you buy wine by the bottle generally a smaller 4-8 bottle wine rack would be sufficient.  If you shop weekly and drink on average a bottle a day, an 8-14 bottle wine rack would do fine.  If you buy wine by the case you may want to think about larger wine storage units.

Of course apartment or condo living limits your amount of storage, however if you have a wall that is screaming for some attention why not find a wall-mounted wine rack that will not only store your favorite wine bottles but add a decorative flair and a bit of character.

Wine Rack Design

Today you can find a plethora of wine rack designs. There are wall-mounted designs, tabletop designs, floor and free standing models and of course built-ins and larger cabinet styles.  It’s really a matter of preference but for the apartment dweller it’s more about how much space you have.

If you’re short on floor space, wall-mounted wine racks are the perfect thing. They can fill in that empty wall space that needs some character and many of them are designed to hold up to 20 or more wine bottles of wine.  These are a few of our favorite more unusual designs.

picket fence wine rack                      wine rackswall wine rack


wall wine rackA simple classic style wine rack like the one to the right is perfect for a small space over a table, underneath a cabinet or to fill in an empty space over a small bar area.  Whatever the wall space, this gives your room a little bit of decor and it’s a great way to show off your favorite wine labels.

Wine Rack Price

Wine racks vary in price as well.  They can start at about $20 for the mass produced models to custom built-in designs that range up in the thousands.

The smaller wall-mounted and tabletop designs typically range from about $20 – $120.  If you appreciate custom handmade wall-mounted wine racks you may pay a little more but you’ll get more bang for your buck as these are custom, unique  handmade wine racks that will last for years to come.   One of our favorites is the single bottle holder or the prize bottle holder as seen below.  You’ll notice that it can also double as a wall sconce.

Mass produced wine racks are generally cheaper giving way to the artisan hand crafted wine racks that are considered more of a decorative art piece.IMG_6707

How much you spend is entirely up to you,  it will depend on your taste and how much you love wine 🙂   But if you want to add character and uniqueness to your apartment or condo or even add a little conversation piece, choose wine racks that will add a focal point to your decor.  Those are the pieces that will give your apartment or small space living a refined charm.


Jeffrey & Elizabeth