10 Wine Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

Have you noticed that there are about as many wine gift ideas out there as there are wines? That makes finding just the right gift a bit challenging.  To help you out we have a few ideas from around the web and from our own store as well.

I think you’ll find that these gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to your  favorite wine lover’s face.

Caloric Wine Glass

wine gift ideas
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I struggle with wine gift ideas, so when I found this wine glass I was thrilled. I bought it for a friend who is always on a diet. She rarely drinks a full glass of wine because of the calories, silly right? But no matter how silly I knew she’d appreciate this wine glass, and she did!

She even made a post on her Facebook page about it. She enjoyed it, I loved giving it too her and we both still laugh about it 🙂



Wine Cork Coasters

wine gift ideas
                              On Etsy

I don’t know about you but I never have enough coasters. At my house they’re like the lost socks in the laundry that disappear into this black hole never to be seen again.

I love these coasters primarily because they’re handmade and everything handmade is better 😉  I also love these because they’re set in beautiful woods that you can choose.  You don’t have to be a wine drinker to enjoy these beauties, they go nicely with any drink.


Wine Bottle Kitchen Tool Set

wine gift ideas
                    On Amazon #aff

How clever is this? It looks like a wine bottle, but it’s actually 8 handy kitchen tools in one.  This will be perfect for my daughter who lives in a really small apartment with very little drawer and cabinet space. This is so cute it will look great even if she leaves it on the counter.


Sunscreen Wine or Alcohol flasks

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If you ever just want to take your glass of wine with you this is a great idea!

These are fun because they look like a regular bottle of sunscreen but you can fill them with your favorite wine and take it to any event.


Wine Racks Make Great Wine Gift Ideas

wall mounted wine rack

Not many wine drinkers can get away without a wine rack, so wine racks make ideal wine gift ideas.

Wine racks can be built for storing a large quantity of wine bottles or they can be decorative holding just a few bottles. Either way wine drinkers need a great place to store their favorite wines.

Nothing adds more charm or is more decorative than a handmade wall mounted wine rack.  It can fill any empty wall space with character and add a special artistic flair.  Incidentally smaller wine racks designed for small spaces or apartment living make an ideal wedding gift.





Personalized Electric Corkscrew

                          On Etsy

Electric corkscrews aren’t anything new when it comes to wine gift ideas but a personalized corkscrew can make a great gift.  Your initials, artwork or custom text are laser engraved permanently onto the metal body of this wine opener creating the perfect personalized gift.

Think of the possibilities, engrave your company logo, friends name, initials or whatever you choose to make an awesome gift.






Wine Clock  

                               On Etsy

Wine clocks aren’t anything new either but I like them. They add so much character and charm to a room. It’s the perfect wine decor piece for your wine bar, man cave or kitchen.






Wine glass charms

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Have you seen the latest in wine glass charms?  These are held on to your wine glasses magnetically.  They comes in all kinds of choice themes.  I love the wine themed charms but you can get them in shoes/bags, sports charms, thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or just about anything.

Wine Art

                               On Etsy

I’ve always loved wine art.  It can be made to express a feeling, or be made to have its drinker feel an emotion. It can also be a means of communicating an idea. But wine also represents some great, rich colors too.

These pieces of wine art at Art Prints By Debbie will help you see what I mean.






Master Wine Aroma Tasting Kit

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Now here’s something unique!  This Wine Aroma tasting kit is for the serious wine drinker or for anyone that wants to impress their friends with their wine knowledge.

This little kit with its aroma recognition training tool will awaken your sense of smell and your wine tasting skills.  It’s a great tool for personal development and professional accreditation purposes.

Warnng: It’s pricey!  But if you or someone you know is serious about learning the various types of smells associated with wine; search no more, this could be an awesome gift!

There you have it my friends. From easy to use wine openers to decorative decor there are a plethora of fun wine gift ideas and gadgets to please the wine lover this holiday season. So if you have a few wine lovers in your life help them appreciate, enjoy and indulge in their passion. I’m sure they’ll love you for it 🙂