7 Wine Rack Ideas For Tiny Spaces

Finding great wine rack ideas for small living spaces doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact you’ll find it quite easy with the unique and captivating ideas and solutions we have for you below. These ideas will not only help you get your wine bottles off the floor or out of the pantry, you’ll be able to functionally store your wine while adding sophisticated decor and character to your living space.
Lets take a look…

Wine Rack Idea #1

Below are two vertical wine rack ideas that hold 5 to 6 wine bottles. These are wine racks that are decorative, functional and will create a focal point for any bare wall that needs that something extra.  These pieces creatively use both wood and iron that go together so well in today’s modern living spaces, and each piece is completely handmade.

vertical wine rack

wine rack ideas


Wine Rack Solution #2

For  more storage capacity these larger post style wine racks might be just the thing. The smallest size holds six bottles of wine but unlike the above wine racks the size can be customized for 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 bottles or more. They’re perfect for rustic cabins, restaurants or any decor that appreciates the rustic look. Because of the available customization and flexibility of this wine rack you can make it work very easily to fit your needs.

wine racks
vertical wood wall wine & glasses rack
wall mounted wne rack
Wall Mount Vertical Wine Rack



Wine Rack Solution #3

If your decor taste favors the unique and different, try adding a touch of art to your walls.  You can go ultra modern or add pieces that make creative use of the wood.  These are wall wine racks that are designed with urban living in mind. They are creative, unique and scream individuality.

Wall Mount Wood Wine Rack
Wall Mount Wood Wine Rack
wall wine rack
wall mounted vertical wine rack
vertical wall wine rack
vertical wall wine rack picket fence style



More Wine Rack Ideas We Love

How about adding a few wine glasses to your wine rack to create even more functionality?  By placing a piece like this just above your counter or bar area you’ve got a tasteful piece that adds functionality and appeal.
wall wine rack
Wine & Glasses rack wall mount


Need simply a wine glasses rack?  Here are a few floating rack solutions.  These are rustic, simple and are popular items for any bar or kitchen that needs a simple but attractive way to show off your favorite wine glasses or stemware.

Floating Stemware Rack With Shelf

Wine Glasses Rack









The key thing to keep in mind is that your wine collection does not have to be hidden away in a cabinet or stacked on the floor simply because you don’t have to room for storage. Use these wine rack ideas to add character and charm to your small living space while also safely and correctly storing your favorite wines.

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