Handmade Furniture vs. Factory Manufactured

Most of us don’t typically think of buying handmade furniture when buying pieces for our homes. Instead we think of our local furniture store. After all, a good furniture store typically has great furniture selections and a good variety of styles.

But even though selection and variety are a good thing, factory manufactured furniture found in furniture stores often means mediocre craftsmanship and high prices. Not to mention factory pieces aren’t typically built to last.

Instead of choosing furniture that’s mass produced and over priced, it might be time to consider the benefits of handmade furniture.

Why Choose Handmade Furniture?

Why choose Handmade over factory made? Here are four good reasons why factory manufactured home decor simply doesn’t measure up.

1. Handmade requires significant attention to detail.  Handmade involves time, skill, and the attention to detail that a discerning buyer demands. For instance, items in our home decor store have a skilled wood worker manually checking every inch of each piece ensuring that it’s the best it can be.  You aren’t likely to find that with factory made furniture.

handmade furniture2. Products crafted by hand are unique. The definition of “unique” translates to “one of a kind.” That means you can go to the ends of the earth and not find another piece like the one you purchased. People appreciate that.   Handcrafted unique pieces are almost always the result of a creative mind. For example all of our shop pieces are the result of home decor brainstorming sessions and the results are pieces that deliver creativity, usefulness and the latest on home decor trends. There’s also a pride of ownership that you lose with factory manufactured furniture.

3. Handmade Furnishings have far fewer defects.  Factory manufactured pieces have machine specifications. What do you think happens when something goes wrong with a machine’s specifications? The furniture is defective furniture, and in many cases the manufacturer has a lot of it.   If you happen to be the person that ends up with one of those defective pieces you could be subject to a return or even a recall.

4. Handmade competes well on price. Just because a piece of furniture is handmade doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more expensive. Even though handmade furniture seems to be far more expensive than factory manufactured furniture, it’s competitive on price because it adds value.  Handmade items are custom items that offer size, color, detail, and material customization as well as individualized customer service you won’t find with factory made furniture. Often time they are pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. That alone adds an element of value as well as long life of the piece

5. Handmade Reflects Love, Care & Thought. Last buy certainly not least is the pride in craftsmanship you get with handmade furniture.   When you buy something handmade you are buying from an individual who uses his/her talents to create pieces that reflect their passion, creativity and love for what they do. Furthermore, selecting a gift that is custom or handmade always says you care enough to give the best.

Do you appreciate handmade furniture and artisans that put thought, care, passion and love into the things they make? If you said yes, we invite you to shop with us. Visit our Etsy Store or our website at home decor creations


Elizabeth & Jeffrey