Quality Affordable Wine Racks For Your Home

Affordable Wine racks are an ideal way to decorate without breaking the bank.  They are a great way to add character and design creativity to any home; particularly smaller homes.  In fact, custom wall wine racks are the perfect wine decor solution particularly if you love to entertain.  They come in all sizes, colors and shapes allowing you to decorate with what you love, wine of course!  Best of all they’re affordable.

What do I mean by affordable wine racks?  Certainly not cheap.  When it comes to decorating your home cheap is not the way to go.  Anyone can buy a cheaply made wine rack at a department store, unfortunately it will also look cheap.

What I’m referring to are quality made pieces that are built to last but are affordable because the custom crafters don’t have the overhead of a large impersonal store.  They can create pieces made to order from real materials with quality craftsmanship you can appreciate.

Quality is key when it comes to your home so choosing quality home decor items such as custom or handmade pieces says so much about your taste, pride in your home and your creativity.

For $50-$100 you can have a custom handmade wall-mounted wine rack that carries the quality to detail and custom look you would find in any high end furniture store, and pay far less.

Here are a few wine rack ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

A popular wall wine rack design that has taken off is the ‘Z’ vertical style.  This ‘Z’ rack design comes in several sizes to hold 4, 6, 8 or even 12 bottles. These wine racks start at $79 but are made of solid wood, stained and finished by hand and made super easy to hang.

Wall Mount Wood Wine Rack

wall wine rack

affordable wine racks


Our next design is a graceful vertical wine rack that sports a minimalist design. It easily fits the space you have. It’s simple, stylish and has decorating charm. For $65 this is a piece that will keep your bottles at the proper storing angle and is a simple yet creative addition to any bar area.  The cradles on these wine racks are handmade and it comes in any color or stain you might choose.

affordable wine racksvertical wine racks


This is another popular wine rack style.  Made from 100% Reclaimed Pallet Wood and it’s eco friendly, this rustic pallet wood wine rack is a great way to showcase your favorite wine bottles.

At a modest $69 this is a wine rack that will complement any bar or kitchen area. This type of wine rack easily holds any type of liquor bottle as well.  This is a bargain for the price and quality for such handmade craftsmanship.


Next we have a design using wine barrels.   The barrel stave wine rack can be made to accommodate as few as 4 wine bottles or as many as 8 bottles.   The aged oak finish and the rich burgundy wine-stained back make this an attractive piece, especially if you have other barrel stave decor pieces.

This wine rack sells for $105, the smaller sizes range between $89-$99.

barrel stave wine rack

barrel stave wine rack

How about a traditional look?  This is a wine rack that our customers love because it fits more of a cabinet look without being a cabinet. It certainly has a decorative style all its own. Display it alone or mount it on the side of a kitchen cabinet.  Either way this is a piece that gives your wine bottles a beautiful home that complements any room.  This wine rack sells for $69, and honestly with the amount of handwork put into this piece, that’s a steal.


wall wine rack


Do you entertain outside?  Got a sporty game room?  This may be just the piece your wall needs to complete the theme. Here’s a wine rack with a cool nautical look.  It’s currently trending in designer homes and fits decor styles such as distressed industrial, restoration, nautical, rustic, shabby-chic, cottage and transitional.

wall mounted wine rack

Below is a beautiful wine rack crafted from California redwood and complemented with hand-hammered iron corner braces.  This wine rack definitely has a distinctive urban feel and the lighter wood gives it a unique modern feel.

wall wine rack

There you have it folks!  Affordable wine racks offering quality, unique designs, prime craftsmanship and a price is definitely within budget.