Wall Mounted Wine Racks – Decorate With What You Love

We love wall mounted wine racks.  I guess that’s obvious since we make them on a daily basis.

But what we love most about them is that they allow you to store your wine safely while displaying your favorite vintages for everyone to see. My motto is decorate with what you love and if you love wine it’s the perfect decor item because there are so many wine rack options to make your wine look fantastic.  In my opinion wine racks are the perfect solution for anyone growing their wine collection or if you simply buy wine as you drink it.

If you’re storing your wine in your cabinets, sitting it on your floor or storing it in a drawer, the wall mounted wine rack is the perfect solution.  After all, why not exhibit your wine for others to see, which by the way allows you to save valuable storage space while also making a unique decor statement in your home.

One of my favorite sayings is “decorate with what you love“; if you love both decorating and wine as much as I do then wine accessories and wine racks can be a fun thing to add to your home decor.

But most significantly, a wine rack is an excellent alternative to investing in the construction of a wine cellar. The money you save on a large wine cellar you can use to purchase great wines. If you’re living the minimalist life style it’s a great way to use your wall space functionally as well as decoratively.

Honestly, wall mounted wine racks offer elegance, security, and endless decorative options that allow you to age your wine with confidence. This is a wall accessory that is well worth the initial investment.

Wine Rack Options Available

When shopping for wall mounted wine racks the styles, types and sizes are numerous. You can find wine racks that store from as few as 3 bottles to hundreds of bottles at full capacity.

You’ll find them made of iron, metal and wood.  I personally prefer the look of wood wall mounted wine racks.  Wood wine racks are popular because they offer warmth, beauty and go well with most furniture which is typically wood based. The beauty of a wood piece is that it’s strong enough to hold the weight of several wine bottles but it’s easy to maintain or repair if necessary.

Some of the most popular woods are cedar, mahogany, pine, cherry, oak, and redwood. If you like variety, there are many styles that incorporate various metals, leathers and ropes like the styles below…

wall mounted wine rack

wall mounted wine rack










When Choosing a Wood Wall-Mounted Wine Rack choose a wood that fits well with your decor scheme.

There are a good variety of colors and themes such as rustic, shabby chic, modern, and farmhouse just to name a few, and you can find almost any color and theme you’re looking for.

The beauty of a wood piece is that it’s strong enough to hold the weight of several wine bottles and it’s easy to maintain or repair if necessary. Wood is also a poor conductor of light and heat which are two things that wine should stay away from.

Where to Hang Wall Mounted Wine Racks

A wall mounted wine rack should be hung away from direct sunlight and should be kept at about 50-60 degrees. Unless you plan to drink your wine in the near future you should always store it at an angle keeping the cork wet and prevent shrinkage will allow air to get into the wine and destroy it. On the other hand wax sealed bottles require vertical storage or their content will leak away.

Wall mounted wine racks are fun because they allow you to get creative. For example, adding a wine glasses rack to complement your wine rack can make a beautiful wall display. Additionally adding mirrors, glass shelves and lighting add classic style to a home bar area.
home wine bar Display       wine racks for small spaces

How Much Are They?

You can purchase handmade or custom wall-mounted wine racks already assembled and ready to hang from about $35 to $250. It will depend on the size, construction and style of the rack; however that’s substantially less than creating a wine cellar or investing in large built-in wine racks.

Rest assured that when it comes to wall mounted wine racks you have lots of choices; there’s definitely a rack to fit anyone’s budget.

Enjoying a glass of wine is about relaxing and savoring. And if you’re with friends it’s definitely about celebrating friendship and cherishing those you are with; so keep those wine bottles in a wine rack that says welcome and enjoy!