Wine Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Finding Wine storage solutions for small spaces can be a real challenge for wine lovers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve got some great solutions that will not only help you store your wine efficiently when living in tight quarters, you’ll add some stylish decor that will turn your wine collection into an artful display.

Here are 10 wine storage solutions for storing your wine in small spaces that are easy, practical and affordable. 

Display Your Wine Using Wall Wine Racks

When I buy a great bottle of wine I like to show it off. Call me a bragger but if I spent some cash on a tasty bottle of wine I’m showing it off 😉   I’m also attracted to wine labels and how attractive they look so putting a great looking bottle of wine on my wall adds a rather nice design element to my decor.

Wall wine racks are perfect for show-offs like me.  They not only eliminate counter top clutter they allow you to display your wine bottles in a unique, proper and proper way that looks good.

Wall-mounted wine racks are affordable.  That’s one of things I love about them the most.  In fact custom or handmade wine racks are an ideal choice. You can get a unique, one of a kind piece that stores your wine for under $65. In fact our home decor store has several to chose from.

They also conserve space. Anything you can put up on your wall conserves precious floor space and that’s important when living in small spaces.  Depending on the size of the wine rack you buy it can be mounted on small or large walls. You can virtually mount a wall wine rack on any wall in any room that suits your fancy and as long as you have enough room to get your wine bottles in and out of the rack.

Here are a few wall wine rack ideas…


Vertical Wood Wine Rack

wine storage


wall wine rack

Countertop/Tabletop Wine Racks As Wine Storage Solutions

If you’re short on wall space but would still like to display your wine tastefully, countertop or tabletop wine racks are also a great solution. The downside to tabletop solutions is you won’t be able to display more the 5 or 6 bottles of wine, however for a nice display on your dining table, counter this can be an attractive solution.

Check out these ideas…

Tabletop wine rack

countertop wine rackStore Your Wine In A Free Standing Floor Wine Rack

If you’re someone who has a bit of floor space to spare for a wine rack, the free standing models may be just the thing.  They display like furniture or they can fill a small corner nicely and keep your wine bottles within easy reach. The beauty of the floor models is that they typically hold more bottles of wine.   Floor wine racks are probably the most versatile options because you don’t have to worry as much about things like weight and height.

free standing wine rack

free standing wine rack

free standing wine rackDon’t be discouraged with your small living space.  There are lots of affordable options for storing your wine that are attractive, creative and above all useful. Making use of the space you have isn’t as hard as you may think. The options are truly endless.