Interesting Home Decor Ideas that Are Amazing & Fun

Tired of the same old boring home decor?  Here are some interesting home decor ideas that are not only out of the ordinary, they’re amazing and fun!

Do you dare try any of these?

interesting home decor

Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock

This might be a fun way to help secure your home but it might also keep you in!

interesting home decor

Forest chandelier

A forest chandelier definitely makes some interesting decor on your walls.  Designed and inspired by drawings, this shadowy design turns your room into a forest. How do you like the piece?


interesting home decor

Stair drawers

 Who doesn’t need more space? This is an excellent idea for finding storage that you already have.  Stairs can be such a waste of space, why not utilized them?


interesting home decor

Beer bottle chandelier

This beer bottle chandelier would be a pretty cool man cave idea. It could also be a pretty fun DIY project, however there are many of them you can buy.  I love the idea of saving beer bottles. Could be cool for wine bottles too.


interesting home decor

Picket Fence Wine Rack

Here’s a way to add functionality as well as character to your home decor. Wouldn’t this be a fun piece to add to your outside bar for a fun summer night party?


interesting home decor

The Acquarium Bed

If you love the ocean this might be for  you.  It’s a peaceful, intriguing way to fall asleep and enjoy the beauty of nature.


interesting home decor

Giant Bird Nest Bed

What a great idea for a kids room, or for an adult. And if you love nesting in pillows this is the ultimate pillow nest


interesting home decor

Beach Sand Under The Work Desk

Give yourself the pleasure of working on the beach right in your home.  Just be sure you have a vaccuum on hand for all the sand you’ll be tracking everywhere.


interesting home decor

Hammock Over The Stairs

Now here’s one of those interesting home decor ideas that’s hard to resist. It’s fun, daring and you won’t find it everywhere.


interesting home decor

Lego Kitchen Island

Gotta love color with the bright and zesty lego kitchen island. Talk about a conversation piece. This will get them talking.


interesting decor

Wine and Glasses Racks ‘Z’ Style

Here’s a unique way to add some pizzazz to your home decor. It’s different, functional and sure to create an eye-catching display.



interesting home decor

old tower clock window

Love this clock window. It’s attractive and functional


interesting home decor

Swing Set Dining Table

What family wouldn’t love a swing set in their kitchen. It’s fun, comfortable and a great way to get the whole family to the table.


 interesting home decorCave Bedroom

If you loved the Flintstones, this one’s for you.  Just make sure your bed isn’t made of stone as well.

interesting home decor

A birch tree bed

Something you might see in a Frank Lloyd Wright home. If you love being back to nature, this could be a fun one.

So there you have it folks.  Your home decor can be quite invigorating. Just make sure you choose things that you enjoy and decorate with what you love. After all home decor doesn’t have to be boring.