fireplace mantel decor

Easy Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas I Love

For years my fireplace mantel decor was nothing more than a jumble of family photos.  While I enjoy photos on the mantel I’m really excited to try something a little different. Sorry Uncle Buck.

So what will I use to replace those photos?  

Some of the things I love are glass vases that hold candles, large candle sticks that vary in height, candle lamps can be really pretty, wreaths, and rustic signs add so much character.  I’m also looking for decor pieces that draw your eye in when entering the room.

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home trends

Home Trends of The Baby Boomers

Have you noticed how many home decor specialists ignore the home trends of the baby boomers?  Instead they tend to focus more on the trends and preferences of the younger generations.

That’s surprising to me because it’s the boomers, myself included, that have the money to spend on home decor. So it makes sense to me that the decor trends would be anxious to appeal to those of us with the extra cash.

Baby boomers are at a time in their lives where they can get a lot more involved in much loved hobbies, sports, travel, church activities and volunteer events. They love to entertain and are willing to spend money on those things; and not leave it to their kids.

The’re not people who retire and live a life of leisure; they’re busy people with lots of responsibilities. Many care for grandchildren, elderly parents and, sad to say, the kids that move back home after college.

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handmade furniture

Handmade Furniture vs. Factory Manufactured

Most of us don’t typically think of buying handmade furniture when buying pieces for our homes. Instead we think of our local furniture store. After all, a good furniture store typically has great furniture selections and a good variety of styles.

But even though selection and variety are a good thing, factory manufactured furniture found in furniture stores often means mediocre craftsmanship and high prices. Not to mention factory pieces aren’t typically built to last.

Instead of choosing furniture that’s mass produced and over priced, it might be time to consider the benefits of handmade furniture.
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wine barrel creations

Wine Barrel Creations We Love

We Love Wine barrel creations. They really do make impressive home decor pieces.  One of the things we really love about making pieces from wine barrels is that they are made of solid oak which is a versatile, durable and very strong wood and of course pieces made from wine barrels will no doubt give your living space a unique look.

Wine barrels make beautiful custom tables, chairs, lights, stools, pet furniture, fire pits, candle holders, coat hooks and of course wine racks; what better material to make a wine rack from than the wine barrel that produces the wine?

Depending on where the wine barrel is from or the wine it held, each piece will demonstrate a charm all its own.

Whatever wine barrel creations you prefer keep in mind that products made from wine barrels are sturdy, they often have a great history, they’re interesting conversation pieces and the creative designs are something to behold.

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Corner Shelf Design Challenges

Corner shelf design has its challenges; but I love a good challenge.  So when I was recently asked to design a custom corner shelf I naturally jumped at the opportunity.

Now you may be thinking, how much of a challenge does creating a simple corner shelf present?

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